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Liftoff will help you soar confidently through every stage of your business or nonprofit. From formation to building your board, establishing a strong brand, fundraising effectively, and beyond, we've got your back!

We provide B Corporations, C Corporations, and not-for-profit organizations with a complete range of services, including startup essentials, website development, marketing, board training, and exclusive access to on-demand courses, member webinars, and a exclusive community. Don't Crash and Burn After Takeoff!

Liftoff Is Everything You Need to Succeed

The tools, team, and resources needed to launch your organization.


The Launchpad

Formation - The Platform for Liftoff

Our comprehensive step-by-step guidance will help form your nonprofit, B-Corporation, or C-Corporation swiftly and with precision, providing your mission with the ideal launchpad for a successful liftoff.


Mission Control

The Board - Ground Control For Safety

We equip your board with the essential tools, training, and guidance needed to ensure their readiness for board meetings, strategic planning, program oversight, operational monitoring, and fulfillment of its mission.


The Engine

Brand Building - The Propulsion System

Our branding and marketing software is the engine to propel your organization—websites, landing pages, funnels, customer and donow management, and more. Combined with our creative team, we'll build you a powerhouse brand.


The Flight Plan

Strategy - Guidance System

Chart your course with a strategic plan featuring clear goals and strategies to reach your mission and long-term vision. Secure the critical resources and support necessary for a successful journey.


Your Rocket Fuel

Financial Resources - Propellants

Fundraising, donations, grants, and other forms of financial support are vital revenue sources for nonprofits. Sales move you corporation forward. Fuel your operating expenses, and programmatic activities.



Community - Training Hub

Get ready to explore exceptional education at our training hub and community program! Access our entire library to master fundraising, sales, board development, audience-building, and scaling.

Our training hub is more than education; it's a supportive community that's got your back in the challenging journey to the top. We provide the precise support and encouragement you need. Our expert seminars offer private consulting-level expertise at your fingertips.

Save time with customizable resources exclusive to Mission Control members. Join our journey of education, community, expertise, and efficiency today.

The Launchpad

Swift Nonprofit, B-Corp and C-Corp Formation

We specialize in offering precise, step-by-step guidance for your organization's formation. Our mission is to provide the perfect launchpad for your success, allowing you to navigate formation with confidence with expert support throughout your journey.

Name Availability

We'll perform a detailed search to confirm the legal availability of the name you are considering in your state before getting started.

Articles of Incorporation

Your specialist will complete your articles of incorporation paperwork for your review and file to the state.


We will draft customized bylaws to govern your board of directors–required by the IRS for your organization.

Conflict of Interest Policy

We will develop a conflict of interest policy (required when seeking 501c3 status from the IRS) for your board of directors.

Federal EIN

We prepare and file your EIN application. Your new EIN is necessary for opening a bank account, hiring employees, and paying taxes.

Registered Agent

We appoint you a registered agent (required by law)–the liaison between your organization and the state in which it is incorporated.

501(c)(3) Approval

Your specialist will complete your application in its entirety and identify all required schedules, attachments, and supporting information plus follow up work.

Board Portal

Store articles of incorporation, bylaws, amendments, IRS letters, meeting minutes, and policies. Track all types of Board meetings.

Mission Control

Building a Dream Board of Directors

We empower your board members with the vital tools, training, and guidance necessary to prepare them for their responsibilities, including board meetings, strategic planning, program oversight, operational monitoring, and the overall fulfillment of your organization's mission.

Board Recruitment

Our board recruitment process focuses on identifying individuals who bring diverse skills and perspectives helping your build your dream board of directors.

Board Training

Our board training programs provide the knowledge and skills to enhance the effectiveness of your board in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

Board Portal

Our board portal simplifies communication, collaboration, and document sharing among board members, streamlining the governance process.

Board Meetings

Our system handles board meeting scheduling and keeps accurate records to ensure accessibility for your board members and organization.

Board Committees

Create and schedule unlimited committees and committee meetings while providing private discussion spaces for confidential communication.

Board Governance

Equipping your board of directors with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure effective oversight of good governance practices.

Board Assessments

We provide assessment tools for board assessment to evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall effectiveness.

Board Documents

Our platform offers secure storage for all essential board documents, ensuring easy access to the information needed for informed decisions and proper oversight.

The Engine

The Software You Need to Be a Successful Online!

Liftoff's software is designed to propel your nonprofit's online presence to new heights. We streamline your online operations, engage your audience effectively, and achieve your mission with confidence, all under one powerful platform.


Nonprofits require websites for visibility, engagement with donors and volunteers, raising awareness, and fundraising efforts.

Web Hosting

Store and make website accessible on the internet by storing web files on servers connected to the web.


Nonprofits use funnels to streamline fundraising, engage supporters, and convert visitors into committed donors.

Landing Pages

Nonprofits need landing pages to create focused, persuasive messages that encourage specific actions like donations or sign-ups.

Form Builder

Nonprofits need a form builder to collect data, gather donations, register volunteers, and engage with their community efficiently

Collect Donations

Payment gateway allowing donors to complete a secure online transaction using credit/debit cards, or other payment methods.


Nonprofits need blogs to share impactful stories, provide regular updates, and engage with their supporters and communities.


A nonprofit needs a Content Management System (CMS) to easily update and manage their website content.


A nonprofit needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to efficiently track, manage, and cultivate relationships with donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Email Marketing

A nonprofit needs email marketing to effectively communicate with donors, volunteers, and supporters, share updates, promote events, and drive fundraising efforts.

SMS Marketing

A nonprofit needs SMS marketing to reach supporters directly on their mobile devices, delivering urgent updates, event reminders, donation appeals, and other time-sensitive messages.

Social Media Marketing

A nonprofit needs social media marketing to expand its reach, raise awareness, engage with its community, and promote its mission to a wider audience, ultimately driving support.

Board Portal

A nonprofit needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to efficiently track, manage, and cultivate relationships with donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Board Training

A nonprofit needs email marketing to effectively communicate with donors, volunteers, and supporters, share updates, promote events, and drive fundraising efforts.

Leadership Training

A nonprofit needs SMS marketing to reach supporters directly on their mobile devices, delivering urgent updates, event reminders, donation appeals, and other time-sensitive messages.


Our community is a network of startup nonprofit executives and directors, designed to assist you in navigating the challenges of leading from the top. Discover valuable tips and marketing strategies employed by others.

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